World's 3rd Biggest Economy

5 trillion USD in 2019. After China and USA. 

Trend Following Culture

When something is in fashion,

everyone wants one!

Loyal Customer Base

Japanese customers like to repeat purchase from brands they love.


Why Japan?
What are the hurdles?
Culturally Unique

Business culture especially can be idiosyncratic and hard to understand.

Low Level of English

It is hard to find good English speakers in Japan. Unless your Japanese is up to scratch it could be a struggle to communicate.

Legal Obstacles

A unique set of legal requirements and certifications can leave many brands lost.

High Expectations

Japanese consumers expect the best products and native customer service. This is often a barrier for foreign brands entering the market.

Why you need us?

With our 12 years of experience and proven track record in a plethora of markets, Infin8 will work with you to ensure smooth business with the Japanese market. 

Our services include:


Representing your brand in Japan, nationwide on and offline.


Storing, picking and packing solutions to meet any quantity of stock.


Finding you the best products that Japan has to offer.


Allowing you to break into a quirky yet lucrative market.


Domestic and international dispatch services through our very own center.


Access to, Rakuten, Bic Camera and other online giants.

Customer Service

Native Japanese customer service solutions.

Legal Advice

Ensuring you and your IP are safely protected.


Globally reputable "Made in Japan" production facilities.

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